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Tags: Christmas Games German Logical Quests Santa Tactics

Description: Your objective is to annoy Santa as much, as you can and make him feel uncomfortable. Click on the objects to activize them. Use your mouse to move them to a desired place. Yeah, this guy shouldn’t have visited your house and bring the presents!

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  • lv zata tits 3yxr @ 2011-07-02 21:35:48

    Flashghetto.. Peachy :)

  • lv @ 2011-06-06 10:38:00

    Flashghetto.. May I repost it? :)

  • gb junkkid @ 2010-12-22 03:21:35

    right click then click on play u morons!!!!!

  • gb none. @ 2010-12-19 19:28:49

    right click not thwe left left wat u usew mostly right the 1 with menu click on the plugin and mouse click play it will work then lol.

  • us Kookie Monster @ 2010-12-10 06:51:16

    HELLO GUYS!! Right click on plugin laden and on the little list that apears find play and left click on it!!!!

  • gb cheese @ 2010-10-08 10:19:46

    cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

  • gb Vanessa @ 2010-06-23 15:42:27

    it does work just right click and press play

  • fi laha @ 2010-02-14 16:57:02

    wtf not working

  • au cj thomas @ 2010-02-05 07:37:08

    guys, right click on plugin laden and press play

  • au cj thomas @ 2010-02-05 07:31:59

    it ain't working! it says plugin laden! Dx

  • us ughhhhhhhhhh @ 2010-01-30 04:18:45

    its not workin!

  • us poodi @ 2010-01-24 05:33:46

    i love this game some much

  • us poodi @ 2010-01-24 05:28:36

    i love it if need help press right and play should work on all pcs

  • fi huoh. @ 2009-12-31 20:58:44


  • jp gay @ 2009-12-05 11:56:29

    gud game

  • jp gay @ 2009-12-05 11:56:04

    to get it workin press right click nd press play

  • ca manny @ 2009-12-04 00:00:52

    good game but does not work

  • gb ccc @ 2009-11-29 03:10:06

    well funny game

  • ca alonsupercool @ 2009-11-22 03:02:42

    this is a hilarious game i played it

  • fi Damnit @ 2009-09-03 15:38:47

    Son of a bitch won´t work! God damn it!

  • ie nm ghfgeh @ 2009-08-09 21:06:57

    its not workin

  • ie hes jsgdye @ 2009-08-09 21:06:15


  • my batboy @ 2009-06-03 05:37:39

    tis game is great....yo..yo..yo!!!

  • my cindy232 @ 2009-06-02 06:28:01

    cool now its workin nice game

  • my cindy232 @ 2009-06-02 06:27:08 game..but nothin is workin..

  • ph crazymae @ 2009-03-03 11:55:01


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