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  • Elephant Quest - Cool Elephant hat has been stolen and your task is to retrieve it. On your adventure you'll have to solve various tasks and fight against enemies. Use W A S D or Arrows to move. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Gain experience points to level up. Elephant Quest
    • Current rating 3.01/5
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    hu fasz @ 2023-03-31 10:21:16

    jo szar geci

  • Miragine War - You have to protect your land by destroying your enemy. Select the unit to spawn in the next round. Each of them has different powers. Use W A S D or Mouse to select unit and send it to the battle when you have enough money. Miragine War
    • Current rating 3.71/5
    Views: 131560
    gr fashion-gamer @ 2023-03-29 09:40:05

    gg game. its so sad they blocked these games

  • Rogue Soul 2 - Your mission is to collect all money, free your friends from cages and kill all enemies in your way as you trying to reach end of the level. Check all controls inside the game. Rogue Soul 2
    • Current rating 2.55/5
    Views: 69629
    pl maks @ 2023-03-25 15:03:14

    this its a flash game Bro

  • Battle for Darkness - In this game you play as evil forces. Your task is to fight against humans and take control over the world. Train and upgrade your team of monsters, orcs and other dark creatures to kill all people. Earn gold for each run. Use Mouse to control the game. Battle for Darkness
    • Current rating 3.28/5
    Views: 68840
    rs alex @ 2023-03-25 14:07:16

    It is bugged. U cant change order of battalion during battle...

  • Drop Dead 3 - Torture little ragdoll as hard as possible to cause as much damage as you can and set good score. This time there's more blood, explosions and pain. Use your mouse to drag ragdoll around the screen. Press Space to jump. Drop Dead 3
    • Current rating 3.08/5
    Views: 96630
    us tf @ 2023-03-24 20:29:14

    suckerz, this shit is gas you mean asshole kys

  • Dad n Me - You got really angry and decided to wear your white mask and kill all those terrible children in a kindergarten. Be careful, because some of the little guys are really strong and can kick you back. Use arrow keys to move, press A and S to attack. Dad n Me
    • Current rating 3.39/5
    Views: 118100
    co Philly @ 2011-12-16 00:42:45

    Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knowlegde. Sinful?

  • Death Row - Hector Van Daemon will be executed in 14 days - if he lasts that long in this super-max facility. Wrongly sentenced to death for acts of terrorism, you are his only hope. Can you reform him enough to save him from death row, or even find enough evidence to prove his innocence? Death Row
    • Current rating 4.31/5
    Views: 278961
    lt viktorija b @ 2008-12-14 17:20:31


  • Kissing During Work - A white shirt and a secretary are having an affair that is getting really passionate! They want to kiss all the time, but there is always their Boss trying to flirt with this beautiful young lady. So help the couple kiss only when the boss turns his back and starts talking at phone. Kissing During Work
    • Current rating 3.87/5
    Views: 162185
    lt viktorija b @ 2009-01-31 10:59:41


  • Incriminati - Quickly hide your bong, panties and other stuff parents shouldn't see! Time limit is very short, so do all very quickly. Just click on the item and drag it to destination where finger shows you. Let's go! Incriminati
    • Current rating 3.16/5
    Views: 112161
    lt viktorija b @ 2009-01-31 12:06:15

    very,very good

  • Naughty Babysitter - Point and click on different objects one after other to make combo and see how naughty you can be as you get the babysitter down to skimpy clothes. You have limited time to make all combos. Use your mouse to control the game. Naughty Babysitter
    • Current rating 4.20/5
    Views: 515166
    lt viktorija b @ 2009-01-31 10:55:42


  • Meeblings - Your task in this fun physics game is to get the target number of little Meeblings to any of the Way Out signs presented in the level. Some levels have only one Way Out, others have more. Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Every meebling except the plain orange ones has a special power that can interact with. Use mouse to click and hold meebling to activate it's special power. Meeblings
    • Current rating 3.75/5
    Views: 162266
    lt viktorija b @ 2009-01-03 18:46:09

    perejau iki 19 lvl. kaip pereiti 19 level

  • The Great Kitchen Escape - You are locked in the Kitchen. Look around, search for items and escape form the Kitchen! Use your mouse as usual in this type of games. Good Luck in this game! The Great Kitchen Escape
    • Current rating 3.35/5
    Views: 120626
    lt viktorija b @ 2008-12-18 19:07:41

    perejau visa