• The Expendables 3 TD Recommended

    Love this movie! Here's another part of this defense game. Your task is to stop all enemies before they destroy your objects of interest. Use anything you have at your disposal to stop them: soldiers, air strikes, towers and many more.

    • Current rating 2.56/5
    Views: 27607
  • Freeway Fury 3

    Drive your car and them jump from one vehicle to another right on the highway. There's a lot of objects and items you can pick up or get points by crashing them. Use arrows to drive. Press Z to go into jump mode.

    • Current rating 2.74/5
    Views: 24331
  • Motocross Challenge

    Take control of your powerful bike and ride across different terrains at top speed while performing different stunts in the air and avoiding any dangerous obstacles. Use arrows to drive.

    • Current rating 3.23/5
    Views: 25061
  • Sherlock Homes The Tea Shop

    Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective story ever told. Join this clever detective and solve the mystery behind the murder of the owner of a local coffee shop Mr. T.

    • Current rating 2.71/5
    Views: 22014
  • Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

    In this episode Bob has to fight against huge dragon. It doesn't matter as you still have to help him to reach exit door safely. Travel through a dangerous levels and avoid all obstacles in your way.

    • Current rating 2.97/5
    Views: 22185
  • Free Online Blackjack

    If you can look back at some fond memories of playing Blackjack in a brick-and-mortar casino environment, but have not yet taken the next step to enjoying this perennial casino classic online, you really need to ask yourself why. Few casino games ever invented have shown such a natural ability to translate to a computerized format.

    • Current rating 4.20/5
    Views: 2010
  • Monkey Go Happy Dragon

    As usual in Monkey games you have to solve different puzzles to make them happy again. Click around the screen, look for objects and solve the problem.

    • Current rating 2.94/5
    Views: 20934
  • Stealthbound Level Pack

    Help our hero to escape from this place. Move various objects, climb through stairs, avoid guards and many more. All controls are described on the walls inside the game.

    • Current rating 2.60/5
    Views: 17890
  • Vex 3

    Control stick man in this great platformer. Your task is to run, jump and explore all 10 amazing levels. Gather stars and complete all 40 achievements while playing the game. Use Arrows or W A S D to move.

    • Current rating 2.91/5
    Views: 18631
  • Shadow Kings Recommended

    Conduct trade and get your economy rolling. Build your city into a mighty metropolis and defend it against orcs, goblins and trolls! Create your account, make friends inside the game and enjoy every aspect what online multi-player game can bring.

    • Current rating 2.79/5
    Views: 25488
  • Golden Duel

    Welcome to wild West where you'll face deadly duels. You play as the sheriff of this western town and you have to kill all dangerous bandits. Your task is to shoot as fast and accurate as possible. Earn cash and buy cool upgrades.

    • Current rating 2.89/5
    Views: 23505
  • RotorStorm Recommended

    Your mission is to take control of the war helicopter and guide it through dangerous territories and destroy the enemies and their machines in your path. Avoid enemy bullets and collect power-ups to increase your power.

    • Current rating 2.67/5
    Views: 22838
  • Man or Monster Recommended

    Visit few of the world's biggest cities and protect them from aggressive monster invasions with all possible weapons. Or you can be a monster and show the humans who's really at the top of the food chain. Anyway you'll have a lot of fun playing this pixel 3D graphics game.

    • Current rating 3.34/5
    Views: 24650
  • Dangerous Adventures Recommended

    You have to help five brave heroes on their adventure of treasure seeking. You have to fight against various creatures. To gain power you'll have to match gems of the same color. Look which color do you need to fight against current enemy.

    • Current rating 2.88/5
    Views: 22306
  • Tales Of Carmelot

    Another beautifully made point and click game. As always you have to solve some mystery. This time you have to find kingdom's missing gold.

    • Current rating 2.59/5
    Views: 20482
  • Calabash Bros

    Your task is to stop evil forces that are invading into the lands of the Calabash Bros. Build defense towers to protect your land. Each tower has different powers. Also you can use few super powers. You'll see all of that by playing this game.

    • Current rating 2.81/5
    Views: 21470
  • Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack

    Your task is to direct the required amount of water to containers. Each container has number on it. That's how much water it can fit inside. Use connecting pipes and other tools to fill all containers without a waste.

    • Current rating 2.58/5
    Views: 30459
  • Wanna Oranges?

    Your aim is to guide an orange to the hungry panda. To do that you'll have to solve different puzzles by removing certain objects, making paths and many more.

    • Current rating 2.89/5
    Views: 20849
  • Demonic Flower

    Stop attacking enemies in this line defense game. Use all available types of soldiers and additional equipment to kill them all.

    • Current rating 2.57/5
    Views: 19986
  • Diablo Valley Rally Recommended

    In this dangerous rally game you'll have to use your tactics and driving skills to beat your opponents. Use nitro boosts when available. As the game progresses new tracks and cars will be available. See controls inside the game.

    • Current rating 3.34/5
    Views: 43215
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