• You can upload any type of game (swf, html, unity) up to 1024MB. The game must be archived into one file.
    Screenshots can be uploaded separately or placed in archive as well

  • Optionally

  • Try to describe your game in the most unique way. Please do not copy paste description form another website.
    You can put suggested tags at the end.

  • 1. Please Don’t upload .EXE files or any other format, which is not meant for web gaming. If the game doesn’t contain launching HTML file, it will not be published. We can only publish the games that are designed for browsers.
    2. For Renpy games: game can be without HTML files, but it must not contain video files, as Renpy for Web doesn’t support video files like webm, mp4, ogv, avi etc. Also, please avoid big .rpa archive files. If any of .rpa files will be larger than 100MB we’ll not publish such game
    3. Please don’t upload simply videos, your dick-pics, your computer pictures or images taken somewhere from the internet just for the fun to test our patience :D please respect our work and time
    Thank you.