Roulette game – Rules you must know by heart before you start betting

The Roulette table is a bettor’s paradise. In fact, casino and Roulette tables are unimaginable without each other. It is one of the oldest games and the most popular one too. The History of Roulette dates back to the 17Th century when French people got the taste of this addictive betting game for the first time. It is still the star game of Monte Carlo casino center.

A typical Roulette setting

If you want to play some of the best real money online casino games like Roulette, then you just need to visit, and you will find a fair deal of gaming and gambling. Roulette is played mostly by eight players. They play against the Casino house represented by a dealer, also known as the croupier. He does the job of spinning the roulette wheel and also of managing the wagers and wins (called payouts). Roulette table has two versions – US version and European/French version. In the US version, the wheel has two zeroes and thus, 38 slots; while in French counterpart, 37 slots representing 1 zero and 36 numbers.

Each player is given a set of uniquely colored chips to avoid confusion. Every win gives you cash chips that are to be exchanged with colored chips. Cash chips have amount figure embossed on them. These have different colors and are of varying denominations. Once the game is over, and if you win cash chips, you get actual cash in exchange of those at the cash counter.

The game starts with the player placing a bet or a number of bets on numbers 0-36 or 0-37 according to the table structure. The dealer starts the spin and set the ball in motion. The moment wheel slows down; he stops people from betting or from changing the bet. And then there is silence till the ball drops in the slot. The croupier announces the winning number by putting a dolly on it. The losing bets are cleared first, and then the winners are paid. There are numbers outside the table too. If the number that wins is outside the layout, the people who bet on that number are also winners. Roulette game does not require the number bet upon to be exact as the winning number. Even those who bet around the number are also declared winners as per the House’s discretion.

The ‘En Prison’ Rule

This rule is not followed by all casinos. It is applied to bets on even-money figures. If the outcome is zero, the casino allows the player to take back half of the bet or reserve the whole of the bet for another spin. If again zero is the outcome, the bet is lost.

The 'La Partage' rule

Unlike ‘En Prison’, this rule does not allow the player to save bet for another roulette wheel spin. In the case of a zero outcome, the player loses half of the bet. It is applicable to numbers outside the layout, and the player can bet on Odd/Even, High/Low, Red/Black as parameters for winning.

Rules of payouts

If you bet on only one number, it is called a straight-up bet. In the case of no House Advantage, you get 36$, but because of the casino edge, you win 35. 17 to 1 is the payout for a two-number bet; it is called the split bet. 11 to 1 for a three-number bet, this is also known as a street bet. Four-number bet fetches you 8 to 1 and six-number bet payout is 5 to 1. You can win 2 to 1 by betting on the outside dozen or outer edge column. The 1 to 1 payout is what you get when you choose to make outside even-money bets.

With bated breath, when you want to know what the outcome is, you secretly realize that you are actually a sports betting fanatic. It is not so easy to stop betting after you have won some bucks because the more is always merrier; still, try not to spend the whole day on a Roulette table. Your money is safe till the time you are not making winning a matter of pride. Also, play roulette table only at those casino houses that have fixed House Advantage the bare minimum.